loud typer


Description of App: 

The Loud Typer application loads into the system menu bar and makes sounds when you press any key. This works system-wide and in all applications.
Although the Loud Typer app has a wide range of built-in sound themes to choose from, you can also use your own sounds. (Note: in the free version, the choice of sound themes is limited to the default theme.)
Loud Typer allows you to customize keyboard sounds individually for each application.
Loud Typer loads the icon into the system menu bar to access application settings. The main program window is opened using: System menu bar > "Loud Typer" icon > "Settings ..." menu item.
Note: external speakers (Bluetooth speakers, USB speakers) can affect the sound quality.



Free or Paid: 

Free With In-App Purchase

Version Of macOS App Was Tested On:

Accessibility Comments: 

the app is fully accessible. you can either access it's settings by using the app chooser, or the inbuilt menubar icon.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments: 

I love this app. it makes me, a non writer want to write, and I'm using it to create this entry.