help needed with whats app

HI all. I have the IPhone6s with I OS version13. I belong to an afrikaans whatsapp group. The bible study congregation I attend has a whatsapp group where announcements are posted. the coordinator of the congregation added me to this group without checking if I can read afrikaans text on my phone. Because everyone in
the congregation speaks only afrikaans the members only write afrikaans when posting to this whatsapp group. I have to ask my mom to inform me of important posts. But I prefer to read messages independently. Voice over cannot pronounce afrikaans text propperly at all. I also tried asking siri to read the afrikaans posts but siri
doesn't understand my request at all. She replied saying I have no new sms messages. Yes I can read messages character by character but that's very time consuming and frustrating because my finger often slips and then I flick right instead of flicking down, then I have to start reading by character from the top again. Do you know if there is a way for me to read afrikaans text like an app that will translate the message into english? Many thanks. Kind regards.


A silly suggestion

Maybe you can coppy messages to Google translator app and the african voice can read it
Till you find an app

Not a silly suggestion at all

Good evening
I am also Afrikaans speaking. Yesterday I installed Google Translate App on my iPhone 8+. This message is written in the Afrikaans language. On my Windows PC within NVDA I used the Instant Translate add-on. You can copy the conversations in the relevant Whatsapp group in the Google Translate app. The app will translate it into English.