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Posted on Monday 18 May 2020 by Tyler

If you’re coming to the Mac from Windows, you’re probably used to either downloading apps from the Microsoft Store, or downloading an app package from a website and running its included installer. On macOS, there are several ways apps can be installed and uninstalled, which I will give an overview of in this guide.

The good news...

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Posted on Friday 8 May 2020 by Oliver Kennett

3D printing is an emerging technology. It uses hot materials, moving mechanisms and the quality of components cannot be assured. Please bear this in mind and take appropriate proportions in the pursuit of 3D printing glory... Now you have been warned...


I need to begin this by managing expectations. 3D printing is...

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Posted on Monday 27 April 2020 by Michael Feir

Author's note: Unfortunately, I can't include the interactive table of contents found in the EPUB version. To get that, go to:

You'll need to navigate by headings. There are three levels of headings. I hope people find this a useful and worthy addition to the...

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Posted on Monday 23 March 2020 by Tyler

If you use a Mac, at some point or another, you will need to drag an item from one place to another. You could be, among other things, trying to move a file, reorder a list, or attach photos and other files to a document.

While there is no, “Magic solution,” to drag and drop with VoiceOver, there are several methods you can...

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Posted on Wednesday 26 February 2020 by Afik Souffir


this guide will explain to you how to pair an apple watch at the first time with your Iphone and voice over.

first, go to your Apple watch app in your Iphone, which called Watch.
double tapp on it then, swipe until you hear "start pearing " button and double tapp on it.
if you're blind, i suggest you not to use...

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Posted on Thursday 30 January 2020 by Malthe

Ever since I changed to using Windows 10 in my VMware Fusion virtual machine, I've struggled with a fair bit of latency and audio problems when using the standard HDAudio device. Changing the buffer time didn't make a huge difference, but now I've found a way to install the VMaudio driver and revert to the old es1371 audio device so I can lower...

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Posted on Tuesday 14 January 2020 by tunmi13

The Amazon Echo Dot is a smart bluetooth Alexa-enabled speaker which allows you to listen to music, play fun games, set important reminders and alarms, and complete smart home tasks.

The speaker has its companion app, Amazon Alexa, for enabling skills and interacting with all your Alexa-enabled devices. The Echo Dot is a...

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Posted on Thursday 19 December 2019 by tunmi13

A few weeks ago, I found myself looking for keyboard tips for VoiceOver users online, hoping I'd find something that was perhaps different. I was getting tired with the amount of stress BSI (Braille Screen Input) was giving me, and my most vulnerable weak spot was the onscreen keyboard. I was too slow on it, couldn't type quick enough to...

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Posted on Sunday 1 December 2019 by Oliver Kennett

Hi everyone...

I know battery is often an issue for everyone, but especially those of us who rely heavily on our phones for every day tasks, and I often find myself using the low power mode function introduced in IOS9 to extend my battery life. Considering it doesn't seem to have an effect on performance, for me at least, I thought, why...

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Posted on Tuesday 26 November 2019 by Oliver Kennett

I've been looking for a way to have quick access to certain sites for my Dungeons & Dragons game for a while now. In Mac OS it is possible to drag the address of a site to the desktop but for us VoiceOver users it's hit and miss at best. In this short and ineptly composed guide I'm going to explain how to write a quick and easy file...

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